Business Efficient IT - Optimal Resource Deployment

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Today, businesses large and small are dependent on increased IT service levels, at the lowest overall cost, in order to deliver business outcomes shareholders and customers expect. What we at Xigent call a Business Efficient IT (BEI) doesn’t magically happen. In order to achieve a BEI, it takes a thoughtful set of strategies, a relevant plan, and an ability to execute the plan.

Deploying IT Resources To Yield The Greatest Results At The Lowest Cost

A study by the CIO Executive Board found that while over 80% of business leaders surveyed felt IT Strategic Planning was important to their business, less than 25% of those same business leaders believed IT Strategic Planning was teffectively carried out in their organization. Why is it that organizations large and small struggle to create business value through strategic planning? Numerous reasons are given; too much focus on technology, independent plans, and immature processes, to name a few. The list goes on and on. At Xigent we believe the underlying issue stems from the improper context in which IT is placed.

Too many organizations treat IT planning from a context that says generate the strategic plan for the business and then align the IT plan to the business plan. Rather than a context of aligning business and IT, companies must focus on planning congruence. One planning process, one set of strategies, one congruent plan. Without planning congruence, organizations miss the opportunity for information technology to enlighten and inform business strategy. Information technology itself is relegated to a context wherein it becomes a tactical set of capabilities that must be aligned and a cost center that must be managed. The danger in this context is an organization incapable of seeing the business value of IT, but more importantly of failing to create business value through its use of information technology.

As IT professionals we too often focus on a context where planning and the resulting plan are all about technology. This context further alienates IT from the business and prevents engagement across the business in a meaningful way, focused on enabling improved business performance. After all, business strategy is all about creating sustainable competitive advantage through effective business performance, not deploying the latest and greatest technology.

Finally, organizations focus a disproportionate amount of energy on creating the plan. Our context is one of strategy development, rather than a balance between strategy development and strategy execution. The greatest set of strategies is of no value if the organization lacks the discipline and capability to successfully execute the plan. Companies that only see IT strategy in the context of strategy development, overlooking strategy execution, fail far too often to realize the full business value the plan envisions.

Xigent’s Strategy Services practice has helped numerous organizations across many industries deliver increased IT service levels and capabilities, at the lowest overall cost, by putting IT in the proper context; through a focus on planning congruence, seeing the business value of IT, enhancing business performance, and by striking the right balance between strategy development and strategy execution.