3 Reasons Why Businesses are turning to IT Managed Service Providers

Businesses turn to Managed IT Services 

Even as new technologies continue to offer increased cost, security, and productivity advantages, IT departments struggle to maintain the resources necessary to effectively deploy and run them and frequently don’t realize their full benefits. A recent SMB Group IT survey confirmed this and showed that businesses are changing their IT strategies as a result:

“67% of small businesses and 81% of medium businesses say that technology solutions help them improve business outcomes or run the business better. However, most SMBs don’t have the resources necessary to keep pace with technology on their own.”

With this in mind, businesses are increasingly turning to managed service providers to facilitate both specific and general operations of their IT. Today’s blog will discuss three reasons why businesses are more frequently employing managed service providers to improve the outcomes they deliver to the business.

Increased Efficiency

Working with a managed service provider increases both IT’s and the business’s efficiency in several ways. Employing an MSP enables access to the latest technology with full feature adoption and the efficiencies gained over the outdated technology it replaces like better performance and availability. Additionally, with the availability of dedicated resources to troubleshoot daily issues, end user efficiency and productivity increases through quicker issue resolution. Finally, by freeing up their bandwidth the internal IT team can shift their focus away from daily administrative tasks and bring strategic IT projects to faster completion improving efficiency throughout the business.


Businesses can choose to engage with an MSP in either a comprehensive or limited fashion. Most businesses adopt a hybrid approach using the MSP to augment and enhance the service levels they are providing the business. A larger business, for example, might take a targeted approach using only monitoring or backup and recovery as a service. A smaller business, on the other hand, might use an MSP to provide their complete infrastructure. Any sized business will benefit from the flexibility MSPs provide to quickly scale IT (up or down) to changing business requirements.

Improved economics

In addition to business growth, mobile applications, “Big Data”, business intelligence and analytics are some of the frequent catalysts creating the need for improved IT capability. Any of these business drivers will require investments in data storage, systems, process maturity, and skilled technical and management resources and that creates a choice: either build and support your own business infrastructure or leverage the robust capabilities of a reputable managed service provider. For all but the largest enterprise organizations the economics are clear, it is more economical to use the investments already made by others.


As businesses continue to devote more time and money to leveraging IT technology to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, the need for people and process to effectively manage that technology becomes even more critical. Working with an MSP improves both IT and business efficiency, flexibility, and ROI.