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How Secure is the Cloud

A recent Gartner study forecasts that Cloud services adoption will continue to grow at a double-digit rate, and predicts that through 2020 "cloud adoption strategies will influence more than 50 percent of IT outsourcing deals." Still, many legacy IT directors and C-Suite leaders, who are determined to uphold and defend the security and privacy of their business, remain uncertain about the security of the Cloud. It's a legitimate concern.

How secure is the Cloud?

That question is like asking "How secure is a house?" The simple answer to both questions is that it depends. Whose house is it? How as it built? When was it built? What kind of windows, doors, and locks does it have? Does it have a security system? Just as with home security, Cloud security isn't a simple yes or no proposition. So how can business and IT leaders determine if the Cloud, or more accurately a Cloud provider, can deliver the appropriate level of security? Here are 4 questions you should ask:

Is the Cloud provider actively and routinely securing its systems or is that a reactive activity? 

• Is a security team actively working? Meet the staff to get a better understanding of their experience and knowledge.

Is the provider actively looking for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in its platform? 

• Do they have an incident response process? Ask for a regular meeting or report to cover improvements needed for your environment.

Does the Cloud provider have proof that the architecture and systems have been audited? Ask to see it.

• If a cloud provider has met particular security standard, SOC 2 for example, they will have documentation validating that.

Will they allow a penetration test of their environment? 

• Penetration testing will uncover configuration issues and vulnerabilities before an actual attack occurs. In fact, a third-party penetration test may be required for certain compliance mandates.

Moving to the Cloud is a significant shift for any business and having a thorough understanding of a potential cloud provider's security posture is critical for an anxiety free partnership. Every business will have different security requirements, so reaching out to an expert can help you expand and clarify these questions to address your specific business needs.

Be sure to keep a look out for an upcoming article with tips highlighting How to Switch Cloud Providers.


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“Gartner Says Worldwide Public Cloud Services Market to Grow 18 Percent in 2017”